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3 in 1 liquid

£10 250ml concentrate

(product can/will separate. Shake it to wake it and your good to go) 

The current liquid in stock is a mix of 3 components

Karpi cloud, F18 Yeast and the heavy liquid

visual and olfaction attraction to the bottom of the lake and through the water column


A few years back I found a human food grade product that colours the water up for ages similar to feeding carp. I have at long last managed to source a suply and it can now be bought in conjunction with boilie orders.

The liquid will sink downwards and fog the swim for long periods with oil droplets rising to the surface. It is also combined with a nutritional liquid and Red Karpi flavour to give it a subtle caramel type aroma.

A pva friendly version will probably be available soon but can be created by adding 

disolved salt to the bottle at around 10 percent but this will decrease the shelf life which is around a year.

How you use it is limited only by your own imagination!



Attractive pre digested food is added to heavy liquid to keep your food signal strong near your bait

A special food friendly dye is added to colour and cloud your swim whilst small oil droplets rise upward.

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