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The Full Story

The A Bait

For 40 years I have strived to make the best boilie possible and 

having caught over 500 fish over 40lbs myself in the last 5 years 

including 100 of 50lbs and 4 x 70lbs plus in 36hours. I think its safe to say you can obtain

the best carp bait available on this site.

Nothing stays the same in life and bait evolves as much as anything.

I will keep looking for the future and pushing boundaries to make the bait I want to use.



Triple S

Something very different! a dark HNV bait with a green tinge from the spirulina. The bait is made from ground seeds to add more texture and dried crustaceans from freshwater. The bait has minerals , vitamins and digestion products to go with the roughage. Sweetcorn flavouring, spirulina and the 3rd S really is the X Factor.

Available now

The bait will not be in stock continuously yet but there will be a number of large rolls throughout the year. 

These will be advised on the newsletter (send me your email address to be included) and on the facebook page.

Pop ups and wafters will be available.

This is a development bait and ratios of the ingredients may change in line with results . This also applies to the colour as the bait has a couple of very dark products

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