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Enigma ( scopex squidless)

15mm and 18mm 

feb 2023

The Enigma has been in the range for 4 years now and it's been tweaked and improved constantly but essentially the same bait. Last years test version was amazing and  personnaly caught me 12 commons over 55lbs in 4 months from 6 different venues.

 I don't like expensive powders sitting around through the winter and always prefer to work with fresher ingredients. This is why there was a delay in launching the bait but it is now in stock.


Krill and tuna meal with a mixture of birdhood's. Soluble Beef liver and onion derivatives and salts. Liquid attractor is red liver oil and 4 types of scopex flavour, each one with a different level of solubility to keep your bait releasing and working through your session. This is a bait that can be fed heavily if needed as it can be broken down and digested very quickly.  

15mm high bouyancy pop ups

15mm and 18mm wafters

15mm and 18mm baits £7 a kilo

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