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Great White 

16 x 12mm barrels

20mm round 

order below £7.50 a kg

Barrels will be sent if no specific information given

Over the course of 35 years of carp bait making I have pioneered a lot of additives of which some have been good and others less so. In 2020 myself and a handful of friends had over a hundred 40 pound carp in 7 weeks on something that looked and smelt quite innocuous but was clearly something very special. Its totally natural but also very hard to come by and very expensive.

In 2021 I will be doing a 15mm barrel shape that will be £7 a kilo.  It is a fishmeal bait that is virtually organic and a washed out colour. It is very different from anything on the market and is a serious catcher of big fish. It is higher in protein and minerals than most baits and you can get great results from quite small amounts.

The boilies contain a little smoked salmon flavour and red liver oil whilst the hookbaits have just the special additive but at much higher levels. I reccomend using the wafters  which are a lighter colour and balanced by a size 6 hook and the chod pop ups which resemble a pupae. The hookbaits are designed to be the most attractive thing in the swim. Ideal also for using with pellets but please do not glug this bait in any other liquid or you will greatly reduce its effectiveness.



great white boilies £7.50 a kilo 

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5kg delivered

10kg delivered

20kg delivered

Hookbaits. elevated levels of natural attractor

only available with boilie orders

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15mm barrels
20mm yellow round
24mm round
£8 barrels sent if no choice is expressed

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15mm pop up £8

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