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I started carp fishing in 1984 and back then there were no ready made baits and certainly no internet to source products. Pretty soon though,  my home made baits started to dominate the local waters. I was spending more time on bait matters than actually fishing as it fascinated me and I wanted to know what worked and why. I soon started making baits for friends and I have supplied some of my friends with all their bait for the last 30 years!

In 2008 I started The A Bait to do things a little differently. I had a break from my own endeavours and went to Nashbait as General Manager / chemist. Now my life is a little more laid back the time is right to do a few baits again. I am not interested in global domination or becoming a big player with a huge range. On these pages you will find some proper products that will catch you plenty of fish. 

Books written include ; Overseas carp adventure, Carping Journeys, The only way is carp and This time its personal

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